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The Truth About Mercury Amalgams & Root Canals
(Printed in ALIVE magazine & other major magazines across Canada & the US)
by Dr. Janine Romaner, ND

There is increasing publicity about the hazards of leakage from mercury in your mouth. Perhaps you are one of the millions thinking, “Great. What can I do about it?”

The bad news is, the hazards are real.  The good news is there ARE noninvasive ways to remove residual metal toxicity in the body, as well as countless other toxins.

Mercury Misery

Silver fillings are made up of five metals amalgamated together to form the solid silver mass in your teeth (yum!). Mercury is the main ingredient comprising 52% of the amalgam. The other components are copper (highly toxic), tin and silver (usually toxic) and zinc (highly toxic). This combination was originally produced in 1840 for successful chewing of hard substances. At that time safety tests were not available as they are today...yet today they are largely ignored by organized dentistry.

As mercury slowly leaks out of a filling, it can have multiple devastating chemical reactions with the other metals that make up an amalgam. As amalgam components are absorbed into the bloodstream, they cause immune system reactions in most people.

Symptoms of chronic exposure to mercury amalgams are many, and often may not initially be thought related to the teeth. Unfortunately, over time most of us become accustomed to a weakened state of health, assuming that survival mode is “normal.” Often I see clients who initially don’t correlate their symptoms with metal toxicity, but they know they don’t feel well!! Sound familiar? Allopathic practitioners will treat patients symptomatically when unaware of the causative complex. So, if you have therapy-resistant symptoms, the problem may literally originate in your head! Symptoms found in a survey of 1320 patients with amalgam toxicity, listed in order of the most common first, reveal these findings. Most people had multiple symptoms:

  • 72% Depression
  • 67% Tingling of Hands & Feet
  • 63% Fatigue
  • 60% Digestive Problems
  • 58% Faulty Memory
  • 55% Constipation
  • 39% Metallic Taste
  • 36% Sleep Problems
  • 32% Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)

Many cases of chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, joint and muscle pain are now being traced back to metal toxicity and root canals.

Root Canals: Bacteria Traps

Each tooth sits on a meridian. The word “meridian” comes from the Chinese word, “Jing-Luo,” meaning “A thread in the fabric that connects.” The meridian system is an energetic pathway or invisible network that links together all of the vital fluids and organs. It makes sense, then, that if you have tooth decay or an infection in the lower left second molar, you might also be experiencing large intestine or lung difficulty.

The structure of a tooth is considerably more intricate than it appears at first glance. Each layer has a specific function and density. To oversimplify, when a tooth develops pain from an infection, and a root-canal treatment is performed, anaerobic bacteria become sealed in the dentin tubules. These tough bacteria travel through the dentin tubules and seep through the structure of the cementum escaping into the bloodstream. From there they have access to the vulnerable places in your body which make perfect new host sites. In addition, although dentists do the best they can to seal in the bacteria in the root canal, tests have shown that bacteria leak out from around the root canal filling. Treating the origin will often rid of secondary symptoms.

If you have had root canal treatment sometime in your life and have persisting health problems, it is wise to be tested for causal factors. In our clinic, we test countless people to determine causes by using an instrument advanced enough to provide such information. Also, we determine individualized homeopathic detoxification and botanical programs to target specific findings.

Clearing Your Head

Obviously, prevention of the need for dental work is key. It is still said that white flour and sugar are the main contributors to tooth decay. Learning about and following a healthy diet cannot be overlooked. And there are countless resources to draw on for education and assistance in this field.

Regarding amalgams: Replacing mercury amalgams with non-toxic materials is very important. Removing old fillings does get rid of the cause of most metallic toxic secretions, but it will not eliminate the poisons already stored in your bodily tissues from years of chewing and vapor emission. If you are unable to replace present fillings due to costs or for other reasons, there are still important health benefits to detoxifying the build-up of metal toxicity. This considerably lessens immune system stress.

Awareness of mercury hazards is growing. It is wise to find a cooperative dentist educated in proper procedures and safe order of removal. Be tested in advance of dental work to learn what replacement materials are compatible with your immune system so that you replace the old fillings with safe materials. There are many composites, bondings, cements, anesthetics, etc., to choose from, and each dentist’s stock varies. This testing can be accomplished by blood samples, or by an on-site, non-invasive, bio-energetic testing device. I use the latter with clients, as it is less expensive and provides immediate results.

Detoxifying stored metal toxicity is important to prevent unnecessary health hazards with aging. Because minute mercury filings and toxicity lodge in the central organs (kidneys, brain, lungs, liver, nervous system…), it is crucial to target your personal need to prevent continuing damage in these central organs. Many clients prepare for dental work on personalized detoxification and nutritional support programs, formulated with the assistance of a bio-energetic testing system. It removes any guesswork and offers a means to chart progress.

The hazards of stress and toxic exposure are real nearly everywhere we turn. At least we have choice about what we put in our mouths! There is no time better than now to restore your health, or to prevent ill health from developing. It’s up to you!