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The following testimonials are included NOT because I, as the naturopathic doctor, or the other practitioners in the clinic, am seeking praise. Rather, we are eager for you, as a potential new patient, to read from the hearts and minds of a few patients and parents how much healing and progress can occur by supporting the body’s natural wisdom. Unfortunately, this is not often spoken about in allopathic (traditional) medicine. So please read on, knowing that your body is capable of much more than your mind may realize.

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Six-year old girl who had experienced fourteen pneumonias

Our daughter was diagnosed with her first pneumonia at 8 months of age. She was given an injection at the Hospital, and that was the beginning of six years of hospital visits and fourteen pneumonias. Her conditioned worsened despite the advice of her medical doctors and daily regimen of medications. It wasn’t until we decided to break away from the norm and seek the advice of Dr. Janine Romaner, ND in August of 2005. WOW, what a differenced she has made in just a few months in the life of our six-year-old little girl.          

She has been reborn and has finally taken her first deep breath of fresh air without coughing! It is truly amazing, and it’s all because f homeopathic therapy. Not only has our daughter remained out of the hospital since August of 2005, but also she has been pneumonia-free and asthma-free, and is thriving in school. An added bonus is that now that her immune system is in balance, all of her warts have disappeared.      

Thank you Dr. Janine (naturopathic doctor) – The Liberatore Family, Atlanta, GA


About Jack, 3 ½ years old, with Autism

Since Jack has started on his program, he has come out of his shell. When we began he had no speech. After eight weeks he was babbling and speaking pretty much a new word each day. He laughs at things; he can count to ten and sleeps better. Overall, he is a different child.

On the CARS test, Jack scored 31 prior to beginning his program with Dr. Romaner, ND. After 4 weeks we re-tested, and his score was 22 ½.

After 12 weeks at follow-up appointment, Janine asked how Jack was doing. My first comment was, “He has become a chatter box.”

Cathi Brady, mother of autistic son age 3 1/2


From A Woman With Chronic Migraines:

“I had been to so many doctors, had countless blood tests, urine and allergy tests, all at great cost and with much personal invasion. For years the only way to cope with the pain and nausea was to take pharmaceutical drugs, otherwise I’d end up in the hospital to stop the vomiting. With Dr. Romaner, ND and through EDS testing we were able to identify a number of key deficiencies, two of which were serotonin and magnesium, and test for accurate dosages. We also tested to see what form I could assimilate products so that they would not trigger migraines. The first month showed marked change and I felt better than I’ve felt in years. I’ve been symptom-free now for 7 months. We also tested all the supplements and pharmaceuticals I was taking to find out exactly what was beneficial to my body and in exactly what amounts.”


By Traci Montague (mom of a 3 ½ blonde angel!)

Our son, Harrison, is a 3 ½ year old child with a beautiful smile, an angelic soul and many unique qualities that cause him to be labeled as having “special needs.”  He has developmental delays, very low muscle tone, is oxygen dependent when sleeping, is nonverbal and is still dependent upon others for all of his basic needs (feeding, dressing, bathing, etc.)  He has been through more medical testing than we care to recount, and still has no formal diagnosis – even though we have been to see about twelve different types of “specialists.”  Once we realized that the various types of drugs that were being prescribed were actually doing more harm than good, we decided to look into alternative forms of healing.  We were extremely skeptical at first, but the thought of constantly dumping drugs into our son’s little body eventually became overwhelming.  We had to do something else.  A friend referred us to Dr. Romaner, naturopathic doctor, and we are honestly amazed at the changes we have seen in our son.  Due to the fact that we are unclear about his diagnosis and the fact that he is so young, Dr. Romaner, ND has taken the detoxifying process very slow.  We are so very proud to say that our once silent child is now verbalizing.  He communicates through sounds, sign language, eye gazing and a communicative device that he could never operate before.  His physical ability has improved drastically!  He can now sit up from a lying position, walk very well in a walker or holding onto one hand, is learning how to use tripod crutches, and is climbing all over our furniture!  Due to low muscle tone, he once was so constipated that he would typically have only 5-6 bowel movements a month.  Last month he had twenty-three!  His sensory integration dysfunction problems have decreased and his attention span has greatly increased.  He has a better awareness of his environment and has just started trying to look at books, explore his surroundings and play with other children in the room.   We are thrilled with his progress!  Dr. Romaner, ND is an answered prayer and has been such a blessing in our lives.   We are forever grateful.

(Update: It is 4 months later now, and Harrison refuses to use his walker! It brought tears to my eyes to see this blonde angle so proudly, yet slowly, walk down the hall to my office with a beaming smile on his face.  Janine Romaner)


About A Boy With Autism

Our son, Nicholas, at eight years of age was suffering from malabsorption, erratic behaviors, obsessive / compulsive disorder in addition to being Autistic. He was losing weight and body strength, and losing ground in cognitive and behavioral areas. He was in jeopardy of being removed from a regular education classroom and placed into a self-contained special education classroom for children with behavior problems. Alarmed, as parents we were ready to try a new approach to Nicholas’ health care, since the Ritalin was doing him no good, and the dietary and health concerns were not being addressed at all by his regular pediatrician. We were referred to a naturopath, Dr. Janine Romaner, by a parent who also had a child with Autism. Unlike Nicholas, her child was thriving; making exceptional gains at school and had few behavioral issues. We, too, knew that there must be some medical intervention that would help Nicholas, and we called Dr. Romaner, ND to set up an appointment.

Initially, we felt skeptical that little drops of homeopathic remedies could actually make any impact on Nicholas’ health. After all, how could such a small quantity of substance – only a few molecules – do anything? Then, after about three months, we saw hope for Nicholas. We saw a child who was irrational and erratic most of the time become calmer, less confused. We saw a child who no longer needed Ritalin emerge. We saw a child begin to grow strong and gain weight and to play with a child’s energy again. We saw behavioral issues subside to a manageable level, and then improve to an unimagined level of attainment. We saw Nicholas’ mind begin to work more clearly, remembering more accurately and listening to us as never before. In short, we witnessed a level of health and function that we never dreamt we would ever see.

We have also taken Nicholas to a developmental pediatrician who has recommended a course of chelation. Janine has worked with us to ensure that Nicholas undergoes this process without overstressing his body. As a result, Nicholas has avoided yeast infections, severe biochemical imbalances, and severe behavioral repercussions, which can occur while taking the chelating drugs. We are very thankful for Janine and know that she is a very caring and knowledgeable professional who has definitely made a remarkable impact on our lives, and especially Nicholas’ quality of life.

The Sulkoskes



I had been in extensive pain for many years with inflammation in many joints. With naturopathic doctor Romaner’s approach to natural health care, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and detailed testing, I am now pain free most of the time. I feel like I have gotten my life back.

Elderly woman from Atlanta



Our Journey
By Jim Wages, Autism Dad

Our journey started when Sydney was 4 months old, right after her first round of vaccinations. Two weeks after that vaccination she ran a high fever and went into a seizure. Since then we have been to two different pediatric neurologists. Sydney has had numerous tests run, EEG’s, MRI’s, and extensive blood work, all have come back normal. And after hundreds of seizures and seven different medications, they are still not under control, but have tapered off to about one to two a week.  In July of 2006 we started seeing an upper cervical chiropractor, and he told us she would not start to get better until we came off of the anti-seizure medication. At the time we started seeing the chiropractor, she was having 2-5 seizures a day, and had several developmental delays in cognition, speech, and physical. In Feb. of 2007 Sydney was diagnosed in the AUTISM SPECTRUM. Our family had noticed the autistic behavior long before she was diagnosed, but perhaps we were in denial or just not wanting to accept the fact. Now I can see the signs, and I went to work searching for a doctor for her. I have read the book from Jenny McCarthy and it was so accurate to what we have been through. I prayed to GOD to help me with this, and the doors began to open. I started doing research into gluten-free/casein-free diet. We started this diet in Oct. of this year and within only a few weeks I began to notice some changes in her. She was no longer constipated, and she started to feel better. Then the doors opened again. I called and scheduled an appointment with naturopathic doctor, Janine Romaner. She explained about candida (fungal- yeast overgrowth), mercury, and the vaccinations. First we started removing the yeast from Sydney’s digestive tract. After two to three days Sydney was doing things I have never seen before. On the Sunday morning after the first appt. with Dr. Romaner, ND which had been on Friday, Sydney woke up and climbed over to her older sister and gave her a HUG and a KISS. She has never been affectionate towards her sister whatsoever! She has since started to cry again, saying some of her words that she had lost, and being a loving child again.  We have just started into this world of bio-medical treatments, but I can already see positive results. I owe all of this to GOD showing me the way and giving me strength and hope to get my angel well. There is hope and there is a way. I keep praying and keep seeing the signs. I know in my heart that Dr. Romaner, ND is going to do all that she can to help get Sydney back. It is up to the divine healer to heal her just like HE made all of our bodies to do, HEAL ITSELF.
Sydney is now 4 ½ years old, has been through more than most people will experience in a lifetime and is a trooper in this whole ordeal. I think we are on the road to recovery.



From the Mom of an Autistic Son

“The innovative and non-invasive technique used is called Electro-Dermal Screening. The instrument is a computer with special software designed to scan the body using an attached probe that Dr. Romaner, ND presses against acupoints on the fingers and toes to evaluate energetic function of all the internal parts of the body. With the software she can also discover what is causing the interference in the function of the organs. The cozy office setting and her friendly disposition lessen the anxiety for children as they are being evaluated. The cost is reasonable and decreases as the body heals and regulates.

“After our first evaluation, I was amazed to find exactly the same things that were going wrong with our son’s body as we found when we had him evaluated at The Environmental Health Center, where all of the procedures, like extracting blood, collecting urine and stool samples, pricking the skin for allergies and detoxification, are very invasive and costly. Also, the nutrients, supplements, homeopathic detoxifiers and other remedies suggested by Janine were much more easily dispensed, since most are tasteless liquid drops.

“My husband & I have both seen improvement in our son, including better language skills, behavior and adaptability. Plus, we have the good feeling that he is nutritionally healthy, which we believe is necessary for the road to recovery.”

L. Swantek


Taken From An Extensive Testimonial Article

“Initially our son had a severe, chronic cough that would not go away with the many things that had been tried. Testing with Dr. Romaner, ND immediately showed residue of his DPT vaccine, and pertussin (whooping cough) in particular. We left with homeopathic drops to get rid of his excess vaccines, and some detoxifiers. His cough went away within a few days of using the products. Some skeptics might argue that his cough might have been leaving anyway, but we don’t agree. Also, shortly after seeing  Romaner and applying the program she gave us for clearing his system of heavy metals, we reran our son’s heavy metal challenge. The results of his tests showed us that he was now metal free. Our son now sees her about every eight weeks to check any toxic build-up, infections or digestive issue. Suffice it to say that he has made incredible progress over the last couple of years.

S. Hodgson


Letter from Laura Jenkins Boal

Dear Dr. Romaner, ND

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my family.  We started coming to see you in August 2003 because Michael, who has an autism spectrum disorder, was doing so poorly and the conventional doctors did not know what to do.  You tested him with your remarkable AVATAR device and began treatment immediately.  Within 6 months we saw a marked improvement in his health and behavior.  I especially appreciated that you worked with his conventional treatment instead of recommending that I discontinue it.

Next we asked you to see Alex, who was having severe migraines (to the point of getting CAT scans, MRIs and narcotic pain relievers).  Your analysis of his needs was totally different from your recommendations for Michael.  To make a long story short, his headaches ceased within a week and in the following 17 months he has had 2 minor headaches.

Then I began seeing you for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  My issues were more complicated and harder to clear up, but you have stuck with me through thick and thin and done so much to help me get my life back.  I feel that we have addressed a variety of underlying problems, and especially since we started me on the Shegoi to curb the Epstein Barr virus in my system, I feel almost like my old self again.
I feel you have radically changed my approach to medical care: rather than masking annoying symptoms, I want to understand the underlying cause and give the body what it needs to heal. I feel that I have always been able to trust what you tell me.  You have always listened faithfully to my needs and concerns, and worked together with me to address those.  Thank you for making me a more active participant in my own health.

With deepest regards,
Laura Boal



“I have been in non-stop, extreme pain for six weeks now. After a few days of taking the herbal product naturopathic doctor, Janine Romaner, gave me, the pain is far less and continues to diminish. I am now sleeping. I am finally getting better.”

Medical doctor from Atlanta


Letter from Linda Alewine

Before we came for our first visit, we had struggled with autism and the medical field. With my husband being an MD, we tried the medical field first. All we ever got was a lot of expensive tests run, and medication to sedate Sam.

Since our first visit with Dr. Romaner, ND we have seen a tremendous amount of changes in Sam. He no longer goes down steps one at a time. Sam has always been in Special Ed. Three weeks ago, I got a call from Sam’s Special Ed. teacher. She told me that Sam refused to come to the Special Ed Class and insisted that he stay in the regular classroom and do the school work that the class was doing. I hesitated and told her to let him try this for the rest of the week. I was sure that he would realize he could not read at 4th grade level, or be able to spell the spelling words, or do the math that the class was doing. Much to my surprise, it has been over a month now and he is making 100’s on all tests and reading on a 4th grade level.

Sam also has something new in his life for the first time. And that is friends. We are extremely excited about this also.

Sam is riding a bike for the first time and playing golf, and can throw and catch a football. These are things he has never been able to do.

We feel that finding Dr. Romaner, ND has changed our lives and especially Sam’s. We thank God every day for her. She has truly been a blessing and has been an answer to our prayers.

Dr. Romaner, ND has truly changed the struggle of everyday life for Sam. I think our question of whether or not we can we even change Sam has been answered. I truly believe autism is treatable and curable. I did not believe this until we met Dr. Romaner, ND.